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does anyONE KNOW the weight translation from NIB to CACAO LIQUOR ... meaning when (1) lb of cacao nibs are turned into liquid, about how much cacao liquor is a result of the initial (1) lb (and YES i KNOW there is a loss due to sticking to the gridner/melanger etc but generally speaking is LOVELY)? 



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out of 8 # batches I get an average loss of 1#. This mostly moisture
incredible. so it IS definitely more cost effective to use nib/cacao butter than cacao paste due to very little loss ...

are you using "raw" nibs? if not, where do you shop for 'non-raw' nibs?

1 pound of water per 8 pounds seems pretty high---i thought that the chocolate wouldn't flow with that much water (12-13%)?
the bean looses roughly 12% of weight in shell and aditional 8-10% in moisture and loss when it comes out as liquor.

From the bean expect 78-80% yield on liquor. hope this helps
oh...from the BEAN is different than from the NIB....sorry for my confusion.


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