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I am a chocolate consultant working with Chocovision. If there are any questions etc ...please ask.

joe crevino

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So what exactly is a chocolate consultant?
I work with people and companies dealing problems in the process of chocolate making. I have taught tempering classes at many of the various chocoalte shows.
I was glad to see the misspelled chocolate "chocoalte", above. I think there must be something in the keyboard set up that makes us do this because that is how I misspell it almost every single day when I am typing! Anyone else with this problem? It is a hardship when you have to type that word daily!

Forgive my digression!
I alway thought it was the cocoa butter on my fingers causing them to slip !!!!
I also do that!! The right hand works faster I guess...
Are the questions we are allowed to ask only pertaining to the Chocovision, or, can we toss one at you to see if you can unravel a mystery for us?

On another list, a question was raised. How are the chocolate bottles filled with liquors made? One cannot find a hole where a needle is inserted to inject the liquor. The bottoms all appear to be part of the mold and not attached after filling. I know they don't grow on trees, and can't figure this one out. Inquiring minds want to know!!! Thanks in advance!!!
The bottles are molded in a two piece mold. You fill one half of the mold than clip them together and kind of turn them to cover entire mold. After chocolate is set you cut the top off of the bottle with a very warm knife. Fill the bottle and cap with tempered chocolate.

Starch moulding fondant then dipping. page 253 chocolates and confections CIA
Joe, I saw you demo'ing during this last Candy Show in Philly. Pretty nice.
I have a Revolation 1 and I was wondering if there is a trick to prevent the chocolate from trying to "scape" from the back to the front by going over the white piece that separates both sides?

I have that little piece that keeps the pieces from spilling out of the bowl, but that does not really work that well. I have to baby sit the chocolate while the machine is working.

Thank you.
Hi Andre,
I would suggest the one of the following:
Premelt the chocoalte in a microwave or
There is a plastic cover that fits over the entire bowl or
Get a second white piece and use both

What type of chocolate are you using....what for does it come in

Thank you, Joe.
I already have the plastic lid, which I keep on the machine while tempering.
I will try premelting it a bit.

I am using the small discs, not blocks - although I've used left over chocolate in the machine once, and those were in small chopped blocks form.
Let me know how it works !!!


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