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About five years ago I was helping a small startup figure out what their business was going to be all about. We talked about their creative direction and marketing, flavors, and about what style of chocolates they were going to be making.

"Hand rolled, definitely. They're easiest."

Since then I've talked to a number of other chocolatiers looking to make the transition from the home kitchen to a retail shop. In all of the discussions we eventually get around to what style of chocolates they're going to be making.

"Shell molded, definitely. They're easiest."
"Enrobed, definitely. They're easiest."

So which is it? Some chocolatiers stick with one style, many do two or even three (pre-molded shells make it easy). I tend to think people do what they are taught and think that what they learned first is easiest because they've had the most practice and it comes most naturally.

What's your take on this?

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I personally hated doing hand rolled so they never made it out of my home kitchen onto my business lineup. All of our "truffles" (some say if it is not hand rolled, it is no longer a truffle, but an ganache piece, bon bon, etc) were molded shells.

I think that the enrobed chocolate look great and you can use some really cool transfer sheets, however for it to be easier, I would think one would need to invest in at least a guitar cutter (~$1500 to $3000). To make it even easier, a enrobing machine...

This is the road that I think we would have gone down soon if we had not had to close our shop. We were getting to the point where we could not make enough shelled chocolates...we needed more pieces per hour.


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