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I am reading the book, 'Cooking with Chocolate'.  One of the discussions concerns adjusting the quantity of chocolate  based on the percent of the chocolate being used if it differs from that called for in the recipe.  Example - recipe calls for 330 g of 70% chocolate OR 350 g of 60% chocolate, etc.
There is no formula included to make the conversion dependent on the amount of chocolate called for in my recipe - a recipe of my own not contained in the book.
Does anyone have any reference that I can access?
I would imagine that an increased amount of chocolate with a lessor percentage would also affect the volume of the entire recipe.  Thanks, Barb

PS - I apologize if this is a duplicate but did not see any indication of the message being sent.B

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I'm pretty sure they are adjusting the recipe based on the cocoa content of the chocolate as a lesser percentage would have more cocoa butter present then cocoa itself. Looks incremental so if you go with say a 55% dark chocolate just bump up the quantity by adding and additional 5 or 10 grams of chocolate to make up for the lesser cocoa content. Does that make sense?

Thank you, and yes, it does make sense.  I see that new cookbooks coming out are now having more discussion regarding the chocolate percentages and how they impact the finished product outcome.

Thanks again, Barb


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