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Hey everyone. I'm looking to purchase a bigger tempering machine as I am moving from selling at home to selling in a shop. I have been using the Rev2 for a number of years, but I need something bigger. Has anyone heard of or used this machine before:

I have no experience with it and I'm wondering if it's difficult to understand. I found a local supplier who can get this machine in for me (I'm in Canada and most things come from the U.S.), but I know nothing about how to use it.



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Have you looked at the X3210 from Chocovision? It does up to 10 lbs and with a holey baffle it does 15 or more I believe it is. It's fantastic, easy to use and reasonable in price, plus the support from the company is impressive. It's a great half way tempering machine. You can get them here in Canada, I'm on the west coast but I'm sure you can find them close to Halifax somewhere....

Here's a link: Chocovision X3210


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