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I don't know if any of you follow Mr. Gordon on Twitter, but a few days ago he posted a photo of a "holey" baffle. I like to call it a "perforated baffle." Here's the photo he posted:

About the new baffle, he said, "Such a simple concept - and it nearly doubles the capacity of the work bowl! This is a Rev2 and I understand they are close to releasing one for the X3210 and other larger machines."

I thought this was pretty rad… What this means is that you're getting more tempering pounds for your buck with the perforated baffle. I'm looking into buying an X3210 that previously had a max capacity of about 10 pounds. I wondered whether or not one could just drill some holes into an existing baffle but Clay didn't really recommend it. "There is some wiring in the baffle you can't cut and I don't know how it's run," said Clay.

Still curious about whether or not the new baffle would double tempering capacity, I sent Chocovision and email and here’s what representative, Matt D’Amato had to say: “Yes this baffle does increase the bowl capacity from 10lbs to 17lbs. It can be used with both the Revolation Delta and Revolation X3210 machines. The baffle also helps keep a thin temper better than our original design.”

There you have it. Not quite double the capacity, but pretty close.

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I'm about to get a used Revolation x3210--does anyone know how much the new baffle will cost?

EDIT: never mind, they are on their site for $99.

Works great.. I have be working with this baffle for over a year(Beta testing). We are starting to show a chocovision 35 pound machine. With this baffle it will be nearly 51 pounds. It is not much bigger than the rev-x. Not sure of the price or when it will be on the market.

joe crevino


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