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Recently I whipped up a few ganache sauces at a wine gala. They were such a hit people asked me to make some for them. The problem I have is how can I jar this sauce without over cooking it for safety reasons. How do people process their chocolate sauces for retail?

Thank you very much for your help.

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First of all, before you get ahead of yourself, you need to check with your local regulations about needing licenses to do business and to sell food. Some places you can work out of your own kitchen since it is a low hazard food. In other areas, if you are selling something meant to be eaten, it must be made in a commercial kitchen.

Now, as to processing the sauce. Are you sure you need to "can" the sauce, processing it to ruin? Ganache, caramel sauce, even fudge sauce are a low hazard food due to the lack of water in them. As such, they may only need to be placed in a sterile container with a sealing lid. I follow such a process for my honey crop from my bees. Another option to look into, tho' I know nothing about it, is to vacuum seal the jar. In any case, there should be a use by date in the not too distant future on your product. After all this is a fresh product, it isn't for 100 year storage in a bomb shelter. LOL Again, I recommend talking to your local health department about what is or is not required.

Good luck to you.
Thank you Debby for your reply. I work out of a professional kitchen (renting space) for my other confections - I am talking to a food scientist and the health dept about making sure the storage is safe. I definitely wouldn't be truly "canning" it -

Your fresh honey sounds just YUMMY!
Hey Maren, keep us updated on your findings. We're going down a fudge and cajeta sauce line this fall.


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