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Having problems with false temper on dark chocolate setting. The tempering instruction on the box (Callebaut Fleur de Cao) shows a graph, with a different temperature cycle. Which should I use?

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I would melt the chocolate at 115f. The other settings will work.

Hi Joe
Thanks for this. That's what I've been setting it for - it reaches temp, asks for seed but then only drops to 87-88F (should be 81F for this chocolate). This means it's a fairly short time before the 'seed remove' button flashes, so we remove a lot of seed as it then only cycles to 88-89F. Have been following cycle with digital thermometor. Do you think the machine may need recalibrated?
Which machine to you have ? When you melt chocolate it has a tendency to thermo layer. I have tested mine machine and you can have a 4 degree difference between layers this is nomral.

Are you using temper 2 or temper 1.
Hi Joe

It's a Rev2. I did check different layers and took reading near the thermo gauge. We think we need to change the scraper - would that be it? Have tempered white this morning and all okay - it just seems to be the dark?
Thanks f9r this.


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