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hi joe, continuing from your previous reply actually yes I don't use refrigerator to temper it, because I don't have that. so I change it with chopping the ice into the breaking ice then I put all the ice into a plastic box, I make it sure if the surface is flat, then I put the chocolate mold onto it. cover the box with a flat board so the temperature only inside, and I wait till the chocolate temper. that's how I temper it. how is joe, is it okay to temper the chocolate? ^_^.

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I am not sure of why you need to use ice. What is the temperature in the area that you are working ? Could you tell me the ingredients of the chocolate you are using ?
Mr. joe, may be this is my misunderstood cause not fully understand with the word of temper honestly, does temper mean to make chocolate solid (hard) again after they were melted and be molded? if that's true, so, yeah, I don't use the refrigerator here(because I don't have yet), to replace its function, So I used ice and a little bit water in plastic box to make the chocolate hard again in the mold^_^. My country is a tropical country. and the temperature it self during 25 C or 77 F. The chocolate brand that I used, is chocolata, I don't see the ingredients yet, but soon I will. and I love to use the dark one.^_^
The ice may be cooling the chocolate too fast. You should cool the chocolate no cooler than 55F.


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