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I've been using a toffee recipe from "Formula and Theory for the Artisan Confectioner" with fantastic results, until the last 2 batches. When I pour the toffee onto my mat the butter separates and goes running off the edges. Any thoughts?

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Well, I am not an expert, but toffee or any kind of brittle is sensitive to moisture-therefore weather and how much humidity exists could be an issue (I can't make toffees or brittle when it is raining!). Did you use a different kind of butter than in your previous 2 batches? That can also throw off results. Other than that, I cannot see why you would have issues if the recipe worked the first two times.
Thanks Cyndi. It was raining outside the other day. I'm trying a new batch today - it's beautiful out - very low humidity. I've made dozens of this toffee before these last two times - no ingredient change. I'll see how today works out!
Laurie you can also try replacing butter with cocoa butter. It won't give you exactly the same result in terms of taste, but will maintain your toffee longer with less margin of error. give it a try, i guess it all depends on the recipe as well..


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