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It's well known that Rudolphe Lindt invented the conche in 1879.

What is not as well known are:

a) In what year was a ball mill first used in chocolate manufacturing?
b) In what year was a roll refiner first used in chocolate manufacturing?

I've been looking for the answers to these questions for a while and would appreciate any assistance.

:: Clay

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Hi Clay,

I'll see what I can dig up Monday at the "office."


Hi Clay,

Not much luck on my end. I can say that the roll refiner (with granite rollers) was definitely used as early as 1915, but I'd suspect that it was used before that, though I haven't found any sources. As for media (ball) mills, I found no mention in a 1930 publication detailing various chocolate machines, so I suppose it would have been after that. Again, however, it is far from specific or conclusive.


P.S. Have you searched through Google Books? They have just added, over the past year, many publications between 1800 and 1900 that mention chocolate or cacao in one way or another.
I might be able to help you with question B.
Cocoa and chocolate, their chemistry and manufacture is a book written by Robert Whymper. It first published in London by J.& A. Churchill, 1912.

This is a quote from the second edition published 1921:

"An extremly hard form of granite, diorite, has been found to be the most serviceable material with which to construct the rollers, and the quarries, from which the granite of granite refiners was obtained, were, in 1914, in the hands of the principal makers of chocolate machinery, such as Messrs. Lehmmann. Since the war, serveral other hard granites have been tried with complete sucess . . ."
It seems the book might be available for lending ($5) at PCMA website.

PMCA Lending Library - 1912 version of Whympers book


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