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This is my first "Science of Chocolate" question so I hope I'm in the right forum.

I am going to be participating in a Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival handing out chocolate bars. I have some ideas for bars that complement the Alcohol but I am trying to come up with a bar that would actually incorporate Whiskey into the flavor...I'm thinking something with Cherries. I am concerned with affecting the temper of the chocolate and am looking for suggestions. One thought I had would be to soak the Cherries in Whiskey but a) I don't know if that would affect the temper and b) I feel like that could get expensive as I have to give the bars away for free. I don't want to do any sort of filled bar as I have to make a 1000 of these....

I am also looking for suggestions on molds that would create a +/-3.5oz bar. 


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Hi Tia,

I'm not a chocolate maker so I'm not sure if this idea will work.  It is becoming popular for people to "age" chocolate in previously used whiskey barrels.  Could you do the same or something similar?


I found recently that some chocolate bars i had made and stored unwrapped in the same boxes as real ale truffles now distinctly taste of the ale but it did take several months.

I ended up doing a Bourbon Toffee Square and a Whiskey Soaked Cherry Bar. Both came out great. Thanks!

So, I have a question on adding liquor. How do you know how much to use? I would love to try some

truffles or toffees or caramels with a bit of liquor but I don't know where to start! Any advice? Thanks!

Hi Susan,

I was feeling how you were. I was not really comfortable creating a liqueur filled chocolate. Its not my style. For this project, what I did was soak the cherries in whiskey, dried them, and then chopped them with an immersion blender. I didn't love the workability of it but made it work for the project I did and it was successful. I first mixed it with chocolate and placed it in the mold. I did not like this and was under time constraints. I may go back and explore this again, but ultimately, I made a shell and then filled it with the cherry "paste"(tip: use a piping bag) and then sealed it. For the Toffee, I replaced the water with bourbon and it was a big hit! It does not give off a strong flavor of alcohol though as most of it burns off in the cooking process. Feel free to PM me for more specifics. 

For truffles, it is very easy...just incorporate it into your recipe as you would any other flavor. I have made champagne truffles, framboise truffles, etc...Just make sure you account for the liquid in your ratios. 

Good luck!

Thanks so much for your reply! So, you replace the water in the toffee recipe with the alcohol of choice. Ok. So, if I wanted to try adding some to caramels and since I do a wet process with caramels, would I add it at the beginning of the cooking process? Thank you!

I would think so but my caramel skills are still growing so you may want to get feedback from someone else.

Ok. Thanks! I think I will experiment with it.

Hi Susan,


I know this is a late reply to this discussion but I have made a cognac caramel and I add about 3 - 4 Tbls. of cognac at the end of the cooking process.  Because the caramel is so hot the alcohol tends to burn off but it gives it an amazing flavor!!!!  I also do a dark chocolate red wine truffle.  When making that I will make a reduction, add it to the finished ganache and then add 2 Tbls of cabernet that has not been reduced. 


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