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Hey everyone! 

Maybe someone can shed some light. 

For whatever reason, my home made chocolate seems unusually hard compared to other bean-to-bar chocolates I've purchased. 

Last batch was: 

Cocoa Liquor: 63%

Sugar: 24.5%

Cocoa Butter: 8.5%

I assume that I am tempering correctly, no bloom and good shine/snap. Its just so hard! 

Feedback appreciated thanks!

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hi,  your chocolate seems harder may be because it is not ground well. chocolate give better mouth feel when particle size is smaller, something near 20 microns is fine.regards

I'm not a tempering expert, especially the science behind it, but it could be that you have more Type VI crystallization than Type V.  Just a thought.

Well, I just read somewhere that it takes months for Type VI crystals to form from Type V, so maybe that's not the issue.  :)

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate it! 

Ill keep experimenting and see if I can solve the problem and come back with the results.

I would have to ask... what do you mean by  "Hard"?  If it has good snap, is it that it is brittle or just lacking creamyiness?  The obvious thing to try would be to increase the ratio of cocoa butter, but that has other implications.

Does it taste good?  If so, use it as a marketing tool... the hardest chocolate you ever tried... sets your chocolate apart from the other Bean to bar makers!


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