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How cool should I let my ganache cool to before adding it to my molds. I just had to discard about 100 truffles because of streaks in the shells and the only thing I can think of is maybe the ganache was to hot causing the shells to come out of temper. The bizarre thing for me is that this has never happened to me before at least not to this extent. Thanks for any advice. 

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Hey Matt,

Ganache should really sit out at room temperate for at leastttt an hour to crystallize.  Some books even recommend overnight.  At that point, it shouldn't be at a temperature that will throw the molds out of temper.  Unless you poured/piped the ganache in immediately after emulsifying, I think we might have to look elsewhere for the cause of the streaking.

I actually just figured out a streaking problem of my own, maybe you're in the same boat.  I'm currently tempering by hand (seeding method), and at one point I got a bit impatient and started throwing my tempering bowl in a cold water/ice bath so the temp would decrease faster to a workable temperature.  big NONO.  The chocolate 1) formed the wrong type of crystals and 2) didn't have enough "residence time" to form the right kind of crystals.  (just figured I'd share that).

If you posted your processes, maybe we could help you get to the bottom of this!  I know how frustrating it can be to pop out streaky chocolates; it feels like a huge waste of time.



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