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Anyone know if a machine that can grind raw chocolate rally fine without overheating it....??

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Dear Aylen, what is the temperature limit you are trying to maintain? Our machinery can maitain a temperature at 105 °F (40.5 °C).

I am trying to maintain it at raw standards and that number seems to be at about 188 F....although I find counter information.

Will your machine grind it really super fine into powder? If so, yes please send the details...


Hi Aylen,


I don't know what the post from Cheebs is about, but you can find info on our machinery at




or you can e-mail me at


and I will send you brochures directly




Please, with ONE post that you make, it's enough.   I beg you not to clutter the site with multiple postings on the same subject.  It's counterproductive, annoying and only spreads the replies around.
oh sorry, I had no idea, I figured I would get more replies and better info.


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