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Hello all,

This year (with many thanks to Clay for his guidance) the Good Food Awards will have a confections category, to be detailed in July.

I'm curious to hear what brands of couverture made anywhere in the world that meet these guidelines:

1) The chocolate does not contain:

  • vegetable, palm or hydrogenated fats
  • genetically modified (GMO) soy lecithin

2) The chocolate company makes an effort to understand cacao growing practices, work directly with their cacao farmers, and / or is from a Fair Trade or organic certified sources. (Note that the "or" makes this guideline more liberal than it may sound at first, given the nature of cacao farming.)

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Thanks for all your insight!


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Original Beans!!!! Two dark couvertures: Cru Virunga (DR Congo) and Piura Criollo (Peru). One milk: Esmeraldas (Ecuador). See Feel free to contact me. Chocolove, Vera


As the Good Food Awards is a US competition - are the couvertures available in the US? And through whom?

I would also like to know of good sources for this. 


I believe that all of the couvertures produced by Cluizel are lecithin free and contain no non-cocoa fats and also does a good deal of direct sourcing. They don't (as far as I know) have any organic offerings nor offer any Fair Trade certified products.

I am going to think about putting together some sort of database on-line that ChocolateLife members can contribute to to answer this question.

:: Clay

I think Guittard fits the requirement.  They can provide a letter of statement if needed.

Cocoa Camino from Ottawa is a distributor of organic, fair trade couverture, which is also lecitin free. I work only with their couverture. You can also check Fair Trade websites for  more supplieers.

The Santa Barbara Chocolate Company has Fair Trade, Organic, Non-GMO chocolate. I've been looking into organic certified chocolates for the retail outlet I have my chocolates at...


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