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I have a batch of chocolate(callebaut) that got over crystallized(stayed in the machine too long.) Can this be remelted and successfully tempered or should I put it aside for another use?

I'm also wondering about something else. I left chocolate in the machine for 2 days at 110 and it got an oily skeen on the top. I agitated the chocolate and it looks like its back to that possible or is it lost also? In a related question, for those with large often do you empty them out? This is a JKV.


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Hi, I think they are both still good to use. If you over crystallize the chocolate you can just remelt it, and then all the crystals will melt and you can recrystallize as much as you want.

About the oily skin, it is just the melt fat coming up to the surface. As you saw soon as you mix it it come back to normal. 


Hi Thomas,

Did you get an answer on how long the chocolate coudl be kept? Or how often the big "Chocolatiers" empty their tank?



Hi Alek, 

This is a part of my chocolate course, it will probably clarify the explanation. But they do not precise how long it stays in the tank or how often it is empty.

Storage Tanks

When your chocolate leaves the conch, it may need to be held in a storage tank if you aren't going to produce bars immediately. Storage tanks hold the chocolate at the desired temperature, usually around 113 °F ( 45 °C). At a higher temperature, the chocolate will change flavor and at a lower temperature the chocolate will start the crystallization process causing it to solidify over time.

The tank needs to have the capacity to stir the chocolate periodically, usually every hour, as without stirring over time the cocoa butter will rise to the surface and the solids drop to the bottom (think natural peanut butter in the jar).

One of the tank's other important jobs is to further sieve the mass to catch any particles. As well, you should have a magnetic sieve to pull out any metal that might have been missed in the other stages. 


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