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We recently started doing the manufacturing for an artisanal raw chocolate company. In addition to temperature constraints (115F) we are faced with incorporating a variety of powders into the cacao paste + cacao butter. These powders are not fat soluble. We tried the Santha melangeurs, but I do not find them very dependable. I would also like a melangeur that is also jacketed. I would appreciate any input.
Thank you.

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Let me make sure I know what you're asking:

You are working with cocoa mass (paste) and adding cocoa butter to it, then adding additional powders (e.g., maca?) to improve the nutritional profile. You're using a Santha to do the mixing and it's not working, plus (I imagine) you're having trouble controlling the temperature and keeping it below 115F.

What are you using as a sweetener?
We are not using any sweetener for the melenged products. Rather we are adding various powdered ingredients (lucuma, vanilla, mesquite etc)
The Santa equipment is light duty and unreliabe. Santha the company is unresponsive and not all that concerned. The main objective is to reduce particle size. As of late we have been looking at some smaller (150kg) ball grinders. In the near term there are no plans to go the bean-to-bar route.


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