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My last two batches have a "bacony smokiness" flavor taint, almost like liquid smoke, that is evident after coming out of the melangeur. I refined for twenty four hours and "conched" in the melangeur for a further 24 hours Criollo beans from Belize and also in a batch of Dominican trinitario. Temperature 130F to 140F. 70%, with 8% cacao butter. Where am I going wrong?

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Wrong??? That's sounds fantastic. When I start bean to bar I need you to teach that to me.

It could be that the beans were roasted a little more than you are used to?

Could be a taint that was in your you know how they were dried or stored? It's not unheard of to dry beans over a fire, or if they were at any point around smoke they will pick up some of the flavor.

I am not a bean to bar maker, but my understanding is that smokiness/hamminess/liquid smoke flavors can be due to either the drying technique, or it is a defect in the fermentation resulting in this hamminess/smokiness in the resulting chocolate. And it generally is seen as a flaw, even if plenty of folks enjoy the taste and are reminded of great BBQ memories. ;))

Since Tim had this in 2 different beans... it is unlikely to be fermentation.  If they were both roasted at the same place, then I still think that they were simply roasted more than he was used to.


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