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As we go through life's various sensory taste stages, I am trying to learn from other people's experiences. On average, a child's taste and flavor perceptions are not as “mature” as an adult. Although, my five year old son, who actually eats almost everything we put in front of him, as most kids, will naturally gear towards sweets and basic flavors such as chocolate, apple juice, chicken, etc. As we grow older, the sense of smell and vision help our taste buds become more developed and adventurous.

We are all different and like many different things. What I might consider spectacular and unique, my wife and children may dismiss as detestable! I have had the good fortune of sampling and experiencing many flavorful foods which yielded a broad spectrum of satisfaction levels. I consider and brag myself of being a chocolate purist. A simple single origin dark chocolate will always be my primary source for happiness fuel. But every “now and then”, more often “then than now” I like to find the perfect compliment to great chocolate. I have come to appreciate parings with red wine, peanuts, raspberries, chilly, mint, sea salt, etc. In my case, these are examples of matching two foods that compliment each other superbly. Among all things tried, nothing excites and revolts my taste and senses like the mix of chocolate and passion fruit!

Which brings me to my query in “the Science of Chocolate Discussions”: What pairing with chocolate gives you that ultimate taste HIGH?

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I used to work for a truffle master and one of the things we would do was go to wine tastings and show people how our truffles worked worked with wine. We found that most white and some milk went well with various types types of white wine. That dark were always paired with red wines. It really depends on the chocolate and what flavor it is and we always had to sit down and taste them together so we could recommend the best pairing to folks.

Just one additional comment - if you have 75% or higher dark chocolate (which is usually healthier anyway), try it with port wine. Vintage port wine is very sweet so it compensates for the lack of sugar in bittersweet or even very bitter chocolate.  Try 85% or higher with a small glass of vintage port. The combination is an explosion of aromas and flavors!

Sorry to be unoriginal, but for me it is coconut and dark chocolate.

Why, the perfect pairing with dark chocolate is ... mezcal!


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