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So I'm planning on starting a business with specific emphasis on chocolate sculptures. Does anyone have any advice to share? I"m just a bit worried that the market won't bare such an idea and I can't seem to find enough information other then people who do it on the side or in addition to their other chocolate products.


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You are right, must diversify to survivie, just showpieces wont create enough revenue.

Hi Daniel- Yeah, as much as I would like to make showpieces all day long (and I soooo would) I thought that making smaller, more accessible sized pieces would make more sense. I'm probably going to be hitting the wedding market, corporate events, and party planners pretty hard. Even with that in mind, I worry I'm just fooling myself and that I should start designing a line of chocolates asap.

Thanks for your thoughts!


Bethany sorry late respond to this..

I think wedding favours sculpture would be awesome..

Why not try co-operate companies .. some i know do give thier clients Christmas, Birthday souvenirs.. easter etc and getting personally sculpted would be awesome.

best Of Luck


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