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I've been thinking about using the service to get my own designs lasercut as a way to produce molds of my own design. Has anyone else attempted this? Advice/suggestions would be appreciated!

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Would you be really laser cutting or using 3d printer services? It's getting easier but after you factor your time in I'm not sure its still cost effective. For a one off perhaps but trying to rebuild your normal polycarbonate collection through the process would be very labor intense in the design process and then a lot of printing resource time.

As a geek I'm tracking 3d printers and they are coming along quite nicely. Another 5 years and I think many of us will have inhouse printers doing some crazy stuff.

I was thinking of using it for bars more than praline fill-able type molds. I was thinking laser cutting, with layers and different thicknesses to get imprinted patterns. I need to do more research on getting custom molds made but I don't have the finances to do the multiple thousand dollars for a custom mold (and I don't have any polycarbonate molds yet but plan to get some soon, I just have some ideas for custom shapes I want to test out... cost effectively) . I was also thinking I could lasercut and then get food grade silicone putty to make molds. The goal would be smaller quantities, mostly for experimenting. 

I've seen a you tube video (somewhere!) on how to make your own moulds, try googling??


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