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HI, I am a chocolatier that just received an order to make large letters from someone celebrating an old Dutch custom of letter giving.

I need to make or find 10" alphabet molds. They can  use up to 1/2 pound of chocolate.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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All I found was numbers, Lekue brand on Amazon, they are silicone.

largest letters mold I saw on Amazon was half the size you want.

Make templates and hand cut the choc before it is fully crystalized.

Thanks so much. Good basic idea.

I was looking for something else when I noticed your post...I too was just recently asked about this by a customer who had ordered some online and they came in broken. I looked into the molds but all I could find was from Australia. I couldn't order them in time for this year, but am considering ordering them anyways. If you'd be interested in ordering together and possibly saving some money, let me know.




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