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 I create sculptures because making beautiful works of art with chocolate is my passion.  Whether it is a small truffle or a huge sculpture, every piece I create is a work of art.  I create sculptures as a challenge for myself to stretch my imagination and see what I am capable of.  **I am interested in hearing why you make the sculptures that you do.  Is it your job?  Is it your passion?  Do you like entering competitions?  Where do you get your inspiration?   I would love to hear about why you do what you do.  Never have I had the chance to ask multiple chocolatiers this question and I am excited to hear your answers.  ~Wendy

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hi Wendy,

I don't yet sculpt in chocolate, but have been getting into cake decorating as a hobby (not yet an Ace of Cakes but dreaming of it) and would like to use chocolate for decorations. I am not a traditional person, so would want to create some art work, so I am keen to follow your group. Of course the climate here is not ideal for working with chocolate, just the winter months basically, but what better way to celebrate winter than with chocolate?

Nice to meet you,
Hi Melanie! Thanks for joining! You can make some beautiful decorations for cakes with chocolate! I really enjoyed piping chocolate onto parchment in designs when I started... after it sets up, peal it from the parchment with an offset and apply that to your cake. I will try to post a photo of a cake topper made from chocolate that I made sometime soon! Good luck with decorating! Lots of fun! ~Wendy


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