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Does anyone know where I can get fda approved red paper(parchment, glassine, dry waxed tissue, etc) in 20" or larger lengths? Please help! Ive been looking for the stuff online for days.


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What do you intend to do with this paper? You're asking FDA approved ... you're looking for something that is food contact safe?

:: Clay

Yep. I am using it in my packaging as kind of a liner/wrap. I am having a really hard time finding it in the larger sizes though. Most places have only the 12x12 inch or 13.5x13.5inch. Any suggestions?

You may need to contact the suppliers to these companies ... they may not have in small quantities, however. 

Some quick research ... 

Okay thanks. I looked quickly and it appears their red color isn't fda approved. Thanks for the try though.
If your current suppliers can't get you the sizes you want, have you asked them who they're getting it from? They do want to keep the business they are already getting from you ...


I know this is an old thread but I thought either of you might know.

I am looking for food contact safe "labels". kind of like the old Grand Marnier labels that went on chocolates but perhaps they weren't even food safe.

Thanks either way.


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