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I am starting a web based business selling uniquely (original figure designs) moulded chocolate candy to a very specific niche market using single source middle to high quality, mould ready (tempered) chocolate.   A few questions:


1. Recommended best dark and milk chocolate in bulk of 20 to 100 lb quantities for $4 to $6 per pound?  Most reliable source? 


2. Best melting equipment for batches of 10 to 20 lbs?


3. Recommended mould filling equipment for moulds with from 1 to 12 cavities with various cavity capacities?   Volume in the 500 to 1,000 pieces per production run.


4. I will be hand sculpting the figures for the molds.  Can anyone recommend a good text describing low temperature candy mould making?


5. Assuming cold pack shipping, how many days in shipping?


When my web site is up and running, I will return the favor of your answers by ensuring whom ever answers will receive an email invitation to preview and critique the site, and how about a sample too!


Stan Phillips


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This is my experience. I have been buying my bulk chocolate from Chocovision. The price range you are looking at is Guittard brand chocolate. I find it a good chocolate for what I do. Check out their equipment too. I got a refurbished model of the machine I wanted and it works like a champ. Before putting into molds, if you have melted the chocolate you will have to temper it again.

I have not yet mastered molding chocolate. I make hand rolled and dipped truffles. So, I'm not answering the molding questions.

On shipping chocolate. There are places and times that are not good for shipping. I generally only ship chocolate in the cooler 6 months of the year. However, places like Florida are dicey even in January most years. (That's also when I order my bulk chocolate.) I use the US Postal service with their 3 day flat rate boxes. The boxes are free at the post office. And, I know what to charge a customer based on the size of the box rather than the weight of the item. For sending chocolate to the southern states I include a frozen gel pack or two in the box depending on the size and at additional shipping cost for the gel pack.

Good luck to you in your new endeavor.

Thanks for the reply, it is a great help. Your experiences added to others will save me time, money and frustration.

HI Stan,
I'm new as well and would contribute a note on shipping. I Only ship UPS because they are the ONLY service that guarantees they are not irradiating the packages, Fed Ex and the postal service all irradiate.... I am a holistic health care practitioner and I'm concerned about quality, although you may not taste the difference it does affect your body.
I just learned about melters by Mold d'Art or was it Mold de Art... check them out. They melt but do not agitate or temper. Please let me know what you find and think.
Good Luck,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Mold d'Art is at which has a wealth of other tools and supplies, thanks for the reference.

I am stumped by the cost of shipping, 1st when buying supplies the cost is ofter equal to or greater than the cost of the items being shipped. Secondly, I can't imagine someone paying $32 to $36 per pound for our chocolate and $20 to ship it! I owned a hi tech distribution company ten years ago, shipped all over the country and don't remember these high costs for shipping.

We will be selling almost exclusively on the internet so have to solve this problem.

Good Luck to you and stay in touch with your progress.

Hello Stan,
I am looking for partners to start up chocolate business or expand existing one in Bay Area. I can contribute a brand new conche-refiner 500 kg.


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