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Hello All.  I'm in the process of starting a small wholesale chocolate and ice cream manufacturing shop outside of Philadelphia.  I'm looking for advice on how I can generate sales from larger customers: businesses, caterers, associations, etc.  Are there types of businesses that are more likely to buy promotional chocolate to distribute to their clients and employees? Any thoughts on how to narrow down the focus of likely "types" of customers who would buy promotional and specialized chocolate from an independent vendor?  Which types of businesses will generate the most profitable sales? I'm in this on my own and I'll really have to focus and limit my outside sales contacts to the best potential customers to generate profit.   Large vs Medium vs Small sized businesses?  For profit vs Not for Profit?  Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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Hi John,

I've had success with Real Estate agents and also Lawyer that handle real estate law, they like to leave behind a little something to welcome people to their new homes. Also, my Eye Dr. gives away a goodie bag with every new pair of eyeglasses that contains an eyeglass holder for the car, a lens cleaning kit, a pen with their logo and a 4 piece box of truffles. The area I am in has loads of small businesses, so that is what I deal with, I also have a local florist that I sell to that makes gift baskets and their customer can choose products (soaps, sauces, coffees and my chocolates) from dozens of local shops. Best of luck,


Another group you might have success marketing to is Bed and Breakfast or boutique hotels.


Try some gift basket companies.  I started working with one recently.  So far I've done a large order for Christmas, I have a larger one I'm working on for Valentine's Day, and hopefully this will turn into a not-just-for-holidays relationship.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.  Excellent, every one.  All of these types of business exist in my area - I'll contact each and hopefully generate new sales.  Thanks again


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