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Forgive me, I already posted this--but it appears I listed it as a "comment" and not a "discussion."

Does anyone have a thermometer that they especially like (that seems to maintain accuracy). I have various thermometers, classic bulb style, dial/analog, and digital, and none is reliably accurate. I tested them all by immersing them in boiling water, which should be around 212 F. The various devices measured between 180 F and 230 F. Only two out of 8 thermometers were within 5 degrees of 212 F. When I'm making caramels that need to be cooked to within a couple of degrees of the desired temperature, this inaccuracy and variability is frustrating. Does anyone recommend an accurate, reliable brand and model? Thanks!

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I have used every type of thermometer and my favorite is the Thermopen. It is absolutely accurate. Remember you must adjust temperatures for your altitude.

Thanks Ruth!

ThermApen? was unable to find a ThermOpen

Amaleah - yes. Thermapen by ThermoWorks. The embedded link is not a discount link, it's an affiliate link. If you purchase, I make a few pennies to help pay the costs of hosting TheChocolateLife.

thanks Clay. will do. may they multiply in a good way ;)

Thermapen also makes a model called ChefAlarm, which has a corded probe and comes with a pot clip. I've been using it for several months now and am very happy with it's accuracy and reliability. I recommend getting the pot clip available separately (ask them about it) that holds the probe a bit farther away from the edge of the pot and gives a more accurate reading.

[ Note from Clay - The ThermoWorks ChefAlarm has high and low temperature readings and comes with a probe capable of withstanding up to 700F and is less expensive than the ThermaPen. The ChefAlarm link is an affiliate link to Amazon. Your purchase helps cover the hosting and administrative costs of TheChocolateLife.  ]

Hello Dale.  A big "thumbs-up" for Thermapen.  Expensive but well worth the price.  The speed at which they get to the correct temperature is worth the price alone.  Very durable as well.  I put mine on a hot stove top, melted the back to an unrecognizable blob, and it still works fine.


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