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I currently have two table top temperers, which are plenty for my production from home. I am considering setting up a commercial space in which to manufacture in order to meet health standards for re-sale.

Can anyone provide me with what types of machines they have used for start-up? I was looking at Hilliards but read one comment that said their 'Hand Coater' might be overkill for shell moulded chocolates, which is what I do most. I want to get into bars as well, and so it would seem a machine built for mould filling would be best. Is a large 'tempering/holding tank' and vibrating table the way to go? I could really use some help here. Much appreciated...

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Well, if you have patience, I am coming out with a small chocolate pump that will make filling molds a dream and it won't cost an arm and a leg either. Right now we are in the test phase. If you email me I will put you on my list.

I realize this thread hasn't been posted on for a while, but I wanted to share some success I have had using the advice found here!  I read through this thread many times trying to absorb as much information as possible.  It is great to hear from people who have "been there, done that."  I am currently working full time, as an OR charge nurse.  I bake like mad and have recently gotten more interested in chocolate.  I graduated from the ecole chocolat course and would really like to attend their advanced program in tuscany.....

Anyway, working on my production plan, I wrote that I would set up one side of my shop on top of a lowboy double fridge and a lowboy freezer.  While writing out my plan I was thinking that somehow, I have got to make this work although I have no idea how I am going to be able to afford this commercial equipment.

Yesterday, I purchased a double lowboy fridge and a lowboy freezer, as well as a commercial icemaker for $600.  They are all 6 years old but were very well cared for and look new.  I brought the icemaker to a local company that deals in used and new food equipment, and they have the icemaker plugged in over the weekend to make sure it will make ice, then they are willing to buy it for about $350!


After looking at the thread about making your own vibrating table, my husband built one for me with a back massager we already had, and it cost him about $10.  I will be able to vibrate on mold at a time but for now, that works!  I asked for an induction cooktop as a Christmas gift.  So now, I told my husband the next thing we need to watch out for is a display cabinet....


The advice I have found on this website is so fantastic and I thank all of you who share your knowledge with others! :)


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