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After cleaning a Santha melanger, there are minute brown chocolate spots from water...

Hi TCL friends,

I just bought my first melanger, a Santha 11, and did an experimental batch of chocolate. I must say it ground the sugar particles down to nothing in 3 hours. I was very impressed. So then I had to clean it. I got as much chocolate out of and off of the parts as I could then cleaned it in hot water and set off to dry. Now looking at it I can see little brown spots, very small,  that are chocolate particulate in cracks and recesses that has been in contact with water. So my question is will this "pollute" my next batch of chocolate or can I ignore this stuff?

Thank you to all who answer!


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I use a small garden hose with spray nozzel to make Sure it all clean or you can Use a brush and really hot water the only thing I would worry about is if you are making milk and dark because of the dairy hope this Helps

Thank you for these ideas Milford. I think I will try filling it with hot water and running it for a while and then re-rinse it using a toothbrush. Too bad it can't go in the dishwasher!

We usually just clean it with hot water and a toothbrush, takes time but it's important to leave it very clean. You could also just fill it with hot water and run it for a couple of minutes, then clean it with the brush.

I ended up running it with hot water, cleaning with a toothbrush, then I took the stone wheels off so I could be sure it was dry in the axle. It was yucky inside the axle, glad I opened that up. It is very clean right now. But it's a lot of work!

I also wrote to Santha to find out what exactly are the issues with putting it in the dishwasher, or parts of it in a dishwasher. I will post their reply.

Thank you all!


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