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Airmaster Airbrush Set by KopyKake, Is this machine appropriate to use with melted cocoa butter?

Hello all,

I am looking to add a sprayer to my shop and was wondering if anyone has or does use theAirmaster Airbrush Set by KopyKake. I ordered one and then had a panicked thought of "is this even used with cocoa butter?", since I later noticed the seller does not carry colored cocoa butter.  They themselves did not know.

 I emailed the company, KopyKake,  directly and they said "no because they are designed for liquids".  I think they must not have understood that the cocoa butter will be in a melted/liquid state when being used.  

So, if anyone has any ideas or thoughts to add to this I would really appreciate your input.

Best Regards, Lesley 

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well, I don't know about this one in particular, in my experience which is not too much, I bought two different airbrushes, the first was way to big.. and metalic mostly, which was a problem because it cools down too fast and the cocoa butter loses it's viscosity.
The second one is mostly plastic/glass... but the canister with the cocoa butter goes "facing down" and I think this is not the best choice.. it worked.. (no need to tell you, airbrushing is not as easy as it seems, no matter the paint you are using).. so.. my little advise, buy a small one, better if not many metalic parts, and let gravity help the cocoa butter flow. if not you need too much air pressure for it to work, and it's kind of a mess

I hope this helps someway >D


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