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I made some Tequila Rose truffels in prep for Valentine's Day and now everyne is asking me if i can sell them without a liquor license. at first i thought the liquor would burn off but theres a slight kick after eating these truffels that make me thinking maybe it didnt. Does anyone know the answer to this one?

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It depends on your state, and how much alcohol is actually in the truffles. And my guess is that no one is going to worry too much about alcohol in chocolate. "Most of it cooks off."


We have looked into this in Oregon,  and I am sure that it is different from state to state.  In Oregon you would have to send them to the lab for testing of alcohol content,  if it is less than 1 percent you can sell without a license,  if it was over that you could wholesale to those that have a liquor license and couldn't sell retail without having such license.  We talked directly with OLCC in Oregon.  (Oregon Liquor Commission)  

I had a conversation with a health dept. specialist here in Minnesota, and he told me that the basic rule of thumb is that if you get sick from eating too much chocolate before you get tipsy eating chocolate containing alcohol, you're probably okay. But the hollow liquor-filled chocolates popular in Europe are no-nos here.


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