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A dear friend brought me back some metal antique choccie moulds from OS and now I'd like to use them. They are chickens on a nest (2 pieces with metal clips) but they don't have a hollow to pour the choc in like I've seen on many vids. How the hell do you get the chocolate in both sides and put them together without losing it (literally!) :) I know I'm missing something really simple here. I thought perhaps they were for hollow chocs and so would have to do one side at a time, but why the clips? HELP!

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Sounds like it's a spinning mould for a spinning machine?

I think you could get this to work without such a machine. Simply put the chocolate in one half of the mould, close it up and then keep it moving for maybe five/ten minutes. It's not going to be perfect, and it will probably make your arms ache, but it will allow you to use the mould without investing $10k on a spinning machine. Hope that helps.

Thanks Al, shame I can't use them they are so pretty


Would love to see a picture of the molds, they sound interesting. If you know somebody that is mechanically-inclined, maybe they could build you a small spinning machine for them. If you have a shop with a window, what a great attention-getter. If you get to make chocolates with them, please post some photos.

Well, as it happens I don't give up easily, perhaps why I make chocolates in the first place! So I put the moulds in the freezer for a while then filled one side with chocolate and rotated for a while, not long, they popped it in the fridge overnight (I forgot about it) and voila, it popped out in perfect condition! (well almost, I broke the beak off in my excitement!)




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