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Hello, I want to start by apologizing for any confusion I caused with my recent message. I thought I was posting on discussion forum and apparently sent it as a message. I intended to ask on the forum so anyone else needs it could have the info too. Again I apologize for my confusion. Ok now for qustions I had. I was wondering for those already in business if you could share some info with. Me.

1. When did you start business and what was your production/sales volume your first year? What did you primarily produce?

2. What is your production/ sales now?

3. Where are you located?

I have a person asking for this type of info for my business plan. Any info you are willing to share I appreciate. Thank you for your help.

Have a good day!
Heather Garza

P.S. Any good place to find used and leased equipment? Thanks again and I appreciate all of you.

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My business is yet to start. I've been completed some fundamental research for a long while on my own and need a serious investor to start the business. I think it has the potential to grow exponentially and into multiple domains. It can be sustainable at any steps with some investment. I can explain the first step in person, all the rest are more or less visual and I can share some ideas based on trust only

For the location of the business I have my own preferences of course, but that is negotiable as part of the deal

I am located in the York Region just north of 407, ON




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