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In our bean to bar to bon bon business in Bisbee, Arizona we am looking for
a different and faster way to wrap bars. Presently we hand wrap in pre cut
foil and then hand wrap and glue paper labels.
I like the look of the bar box look like Patric Chocolate and also the pillow
box look like the Rogue Chocolatier. I would like to put the bars
into a sealed plastic sleeve before putting them into boxes.
Can any one give me advice on this type of packaging (equipment/sources/etc).
CHOCOLA'TE and Gordon's Chocolate is very small scale and housed
in an even smaller building so I am looking for some type
of non-automated machinery that would fit.

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Hi Gordon: I have the information you need. Call me at 802-862-5814. I am also in the process of making small chocolate pumps. Linda

It's proper to answer a public question like this in public so that all members of TheChocolateLife can benefit.

I personally am also interested in knowing more about your pumps, especially if they are measured and have reasonable accuracy.

:: Clay
Hello my friend: I heard you were in Vermont this summer at the lovely Shelburne Farms. Hope you had a good visit.
Yes, they will definitely be measured and accurate.

I'll keep you posted.

xxoo Linda
What is your solution? I too wrap all of my bars by hand, first in paperbacked foil and then with an additional paper outer wrapper. Even the glue dots are applied by hand. I would be very interested in a low cost and space efficient gizmo that would speed up the process and produce the same quality results. Both my inner and outer wraps are precut.

On a related note, who of you out there use bar boxes? Are they cost effective? I like the look and practicality of a bar box, rather than just a bar sleeve.

Hi Karen: As far as boxes are concerned, unless you order large quantities it'll cost you a fortune. You will need to consult with the box manufacturers. I only deal with people who don't mess me around and there are too many of those. Give me a call tomorrow, Wednesday and I'll help you with this. 802-862-5814



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