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I think sometimes we have or create a blind spot for our own projects. I've written releases before for other clients in other industries but my brain just isn't working right when trying to talk about chocolate. That, or, I'm overthinking it because it's personal and my current writing style is pretty close to being on.

With that said I want some outside reference on talking with press, magazines, and the media at large when trying to get attention to our products. Do you have some examples you can link to that have the right tone and character? Anything that has worked for you that we can grow from?

What's a good pitch for chocolate [products] vs a bad one?

I feel like I'm at that stage when you read your work and the words stop making sense as words hehe!

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Sounds like you need to get some perspective on your product and what sets it apart. Get on your bike/bus and visit the other chocolatiers in town-physically- not on the web. I find taking alternate transportation helps me get more perspective by removing me from my comfort zone and forcing me to take more time. Buy something...EAT IT. I always forget that part. You will come away from this with something to say.

Im always intrigued by articles that list various chocolatiers and their products and their angles. I recently read (in Northwest Travel) an article on gourmet chocolate Oregon based. Everyones got an angle be it infusions, fancy packaging, ethics, grand cru... or a pretty blend of them all. What is yours?

Oh and photos photos photos. Thats my two cents.
We do this a lot out of town but in town there is no competition to get to. Kind of hard to benchmark yourself locally when there are no other local shops. Kind of a boon/bane concept. When I wanted to open a coffee shop I got to talk to a lot of local owners and it gave great feedback. I'd love to do that with chocolate but it's just not in the cards.

I do take photos whenever I can, here are some of the creme:

I still need help with examples for what makes a good chocolate pitch vs a bad one. What has worked vs what fell flat. I'd think there would be some owners here who would have gone through this at one time or another.

Thanks for the thoughts Amber. :)


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