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Hello.  After extensive searching, I have not been able to find bulk organic sugar at a reasonable price.  The lowest price I have found is $78 delivered for a 50 lb bag.  This is the same price as retail 2 lb bags at my local grocery store.  Most bulk suppliers want around $120 for a 50 lb bag plus delivery.  Surely there must be a bulk option which is less than retail.

I would appreciate hearing about various sugar suppliers and your experiences with them?


Paul Picton

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Not vastly better, but J.M. Swank Company (800-593-6375) sells Wholesome Sweetener sugar (organic & certified vegan-not filtered through bone char) in 50 pound bags. I use more Demerara than ECJ. Last batch was .88 per pound ($1.38 after shipping). ECJ was .96 a pound (and shipping would be the same making it $1.46 delivered). Looks like that might get you a 50 pound bag for ~$73.

Best wishes,



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