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I've had a request for buttercream truffles, but I'm not sure exactly what that is. A lot of recipes online are just leftover buttercream frosting. I found one with cream cheese which sounds wrong. My chocolate textbook 'Chocolates & Confections' doesn't say anything about buttercreams in the index. Is a buttercream a butter ganache?

Please help me clarify what kind of recipe I should be looking for. Thanks!

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I've not heard of a buttercream truffle, but rather a buttercream fondant center. If that is what they are referring to, a cooked fondant with added butter would do it. It is not a truffle, as it isn't a ganache filling.

I think "truffle" in this case is referring to a small chocolate - See's Candy carries them

It is an old fashion candy. Find one that has butter and heavy cream in the ingredient list, as it will make a far superior product than those that don't contain opinion.

Good luck.


Thank you! 

I make a vanilla bean fondant center.  It's also called "opera cream".  It's got to be more shelf stable than anything with cream cheese in the recipe.  Search for "fondant cream center recipe".  

Check out this website, it has several versions of buttercream. Some look to probably have a relatively short shelf life, but if it a custom order to be eaten on delivery that shouldnt be a problem.

Excellent find, thank you!


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