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Hi all,

Sorry if I seem to be over posting...I am on day #3 in my kitchen and it is going fairly well with only a few speed bumps....which leads me to my question.

I had to switch my dark chocolate callebaut from callets to the bloc so it could be certified Pareve(dairy free) for my kosher kitchen. I am finding this chocolate to be incredibly thick. Has anyone ever seen any version of Callebaut Pareve Dark chocolate in callet form? My supplier sent me 811NV saying this is the only Dark pareve Callebaut he could get me. I feel like it is more appropriate for baking. Has anyone used 835NV(found during some research) Is this a better chocolate?

Thoughts? suggestions? 



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Callebaut is coming to my upcoming cake competition next weekend.  I will see what I can do about trying to get an answer for you.  I have been wanting to know what dairy-free chocolate of theirs is the best to use myself.

811NV is a good robust chocolate suitable for dipping, ganaches, molding.  Very easy flavour profile to bring out a large range of other flavours.  Wouldn't really recommend it for baking though.

Hi Jody,

If you check the fat content of your chocolate you will find that the callets have 36% fat where the block only has 33%, which I believe make for a thicker viscosity. See if you can get Cacao Barry (which owns Callebaut) Guayaquil which is 40% fat and 64% cocoa and has a great taste and is a nice chocolate for enrobing. But I am not sure on the Kosher part, good luck, I hope that helps.


If Guayaquil isn't kosher, could she add pure cocoa butter to thin?

Hi Jody,

When I did my research before we opened 3 years ago I was told none of the callets were certified kosher pareve. We currently use the 835NV blocks  for our pareve products and  are very happy with it along with our customers.

The 835NV is a "3 drop" chocolate that is good for both molding and enrobing.


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