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Hello all! 

Does anyone have any suggestions or info on where I can get cellophane wrappers for chocolate bars? The kind that one uses to wrap the chocolate itself, before slipping the bar into a box or envelope. I feel like I've been browsing the internet for ages, and I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

Askinosie's plastic chocolate bar wrappers -- resealable, sticky, fold-over closure + "home compostable" + clear plastic -- are amazing. If I could find their wrap distributor I would order from them in a heartbeat. 

Overall I'm looking for bags that will hold a bar up to 2 oz, with a resealable sticker closure, ideally compostable.

Any suggestions? Or suggestions for other inner-wrap solutions?


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Hi Dave. Sorry, I meant to reply to this thread a while ago...

Currently, I just store my chocolate on a shelf in my chocolate workshop. The workshop has its own a/c and dehumidifier, so the environment stays pretty stable.

I always thought a wine fridge would be great for storing chocolate. 


Thanks Ben.  Yeah...maybe I'll keep an eye out for an inexpensive wine fridge.  My finished chocolate isn't in as stable of an environment that it could be in.  Have you tried the ClearBags resealable bag that I mentioned?  Lately, I've been foil-wrapping and then sealing my bars in the GC2X5 bags.  I've set aside three bars in a zip-lock bag as a "freshness" test: 1) bar just in foil, 2) bar just in clear bag, and 3) bar in foil in clear bag.  I figure I'll wait another month or so to taste-test them.


I have some samples of the ClearBags, but haven't done a test to compare to my foil wrapping yet. Wouldn't the zip-lock seal in some freshness and skew your results?

Yes and no.  I'm storing them all together in the zip-lock sealed bag, so this freshness test is relative to themselves.  Usually, I store my finished bars in a sealable plastic tub so those are stored somewhat out of ambient air similar to the zip-lock bag.  In this case, the zip-lock bag is being stored in my choco-cabinet and not with my other finished bars.  I'm mostly curious right now if there's any difference in the freshness of the bars in each of the wrapping methods.  But, would make the most sense to test them in the exact conditions I store them.  That may be changing soon anyway, especially if I get a wine fridge.  So...this is a relative test to start with.


Uline/papermart has fairly inexpensive heat sealers that work on all sorts of bags.  I've been using the 6" one for 6 years and it's still going strong.

We're working with a graphic designer right now who is helping us with packaging. Once we get to the point where we're deciding on boxes, I'll pass along whatever info I can on good companies from which to source. Good luck to you too!

Thanks again 


That would be excellent Renee!  I wonder if putting chocolate in a GC2X5 resealable bag and then in a box would extend my choco bars shelf-life a bit.


Yeah, we're going for a box as well. We're going to order a sample of the resealable bags and test it out, and a sample of some heat sealable ones as well. I really like the resealable aspect of the flap closure bags, so I'm gunning for that option to win of course! 


I would love to hear the results of your tests between the heat sealable bags and the resealable bags.  I suspect that the chocolate in the heat sealable bags would maintain their freshness longer.  Whereas consumers really do like to reseal their product.  That's a tough call.  I guess the main question long will your product sit before being consumed?  I think a "freshness" time comparison test between the two bags could give you a sense of how long your chocolate will taste fresh.  (Maybe you could enlist some friends for a blind test over the course of a month or two.)  Hopefully, the resealable bag chocolate would still taste fresh in the period that a typical consumer would chomp down on their bundle of tasty joy?

Hey Renee,

What ever came about from your tests on the bags?  Also, do you have any info on good box companies you could tell me?

FYI: This article from 2007 mentions that The Revere Group supplies Askinosie with their wrappers. They use a material called NatureFlex.

I looked up the NatureFlex at Revere, the price is .35 to .45 per bag!!! That is ridiculous!


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