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Dear All,

Are there good Chinese tempering machines for a small/medium size chocolate shop?



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Hi Jessica,

It can be daunting but I can help you.

I seem to do the same as you need (see my website so you can see what I make). 

Suggest that you buy TWO pans. One for manufacture and one for polishing. They are very inexpensive and the delivery price and clearance will be about the same for two as it is for one. It's a pain having to clean your pan to polish all the time.

I use stainless steel. Works for me. Suggest you look at the "BY-series" of pans.

Two suppliers are very good. John Meng from Shanghai Flight Pharmaceutical Machinery.  Also "Jessica" from Sunking Pharmaceutical Machinery.  They both treated me fairly and had good service and products. You will find them both through Alibaba.  I did purchase another pan from another source but I'm starting to wish I'd stayed with these two!

Be aware that you can bargain. They seem to have different prices for different countries. I have a contact in Thailand that got much better prices that I was quoted for Australia! Also do let them know that you and I have communicated so they appreciate that there could be more business.

OK - let me know if/when you need more info.

All the best with this


Hi Colin

Thank you so much for all the information.

A question

I had a look at both web sites for Shanghai Flight Pharmaceutical & Sunking Pharmaceutical Machinery are the machines called -  sugar coating machines.


Is it possible to coat dried flat fruit like banana chips?


Can you produce your products at a comparable price to similar product in the market place.

Thank you




Yes - they are sugar coating machines. They are used to make pills in the pharmaceutical industries too.  DO look for the BY series of pans.  The pic "china panning machine.jpg is the best graphic. The other bits in the second graphic make it confusing.

It is virtually impossible to coat flat products. You need an enrober for that - very different. When you pan, any flat surfaces will stick to each other virtually instantly. Even the flat surfaces on coffee beans are a problem when you begin. I find it easy now but when I started I found them a challenge.

Once you get going you should be able to make 30Kg of chocolate coated coffee beans to the unpolished stage in about two hours plus the cost of the coffee beans and the chocolate. Then you have to polish but that is the next day and even easier. So yes - you can make excellent product very quickly.

I started on this journey alone about four years ago. The very first pan I ever saw was when it arrived at my premises. I worked that out alone and with the help of wonderful people on this forum.  Also advertisments, the Callebaut site etc.

I still work alone yet I have 47 awards from "Royal" shows across Australia - Gold, Silver and Bronze medals plus "Best Product from an Emerging Chocolate Manufacturer.  My background is in training people to do trade shows - I knew NOTHING about chocolate.

I even had to look up "tempering" as I had no idea what people were talking about.

What I am trying to say is that YOU can do it.

Take a quick look at this too...

It's a video as to how I (anyone) pan(s).

Go to it Tiger! :-)



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