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Hello.  I've been having issues with the pipes backing up in the building I'm renting.  The plumber pulled a lot of baby wipes out (there's a couple with a new born on the second floor, so that's what was causing the blockage).  I'm wondering if I'm adding to the problem by washing my utensils in the 3 bay sink.  I don't put a large amount of chocolate down the drain but I do clean my tools in the sink after scraping most of the chocolate off.  Any comments about what chocolate does to the plumbing, and is there a correct way to flush it down the drain?  Thanks, John

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I recall a conversation about this. I searched the site for "grease trap" it and found this.

Installing a grease trap would be helpful. I'm not fluent on what style to recommend, but I hope the linked conversation helps.

Bummer about the baby wipes. :(  I think the packages say - not flushable on them. Are you friends with the neighbors? Perhaps some education and a box of chocolates would be cheaper than another plumbing call.

I've been washing chocolate down the drain but the way I see it, it becomes basically chocolate milk, er, water! I scrape off what I can into the trash first though. I'm curious to hear anyone else's thoughts as well. 


Most jurisdictions require a grease trap for food service establishments (including chocolate shops). The cocoa butter will congeal in the pipes and clog them, as well as pose problems for your municipal water purification folks. Grease traps are not fun to clean (they are designed to let the grease rise to the top of a holding tank and congeal). You need to scoop the grease off from time to time and discard it. It can get pretty funky. You may want to check with local codes to see if you're required to have one.

All the best,


Thanks All.  My township does require a grease trap and I do have one installed - although I haven't had the pleasure of cleaning it yet!  I wasn't sure if grease traps trapped butter or if the cocoa butter was bypassing the trap altogether.  It sounds like it is being trapped.  Thanks for the great info, John

I am looking into the same issue.  There are screens or filters that are available for grease traps.  I'm not convinced that most of the chocolate will float to the surface in a typical grease trap.  I am meeting with our city sewer department next week so I'll know more later.

Thanks Paul.  That was my concern also - butter not being trapped by the grease trap.  Can you Post the information that you receive from your City next week?  John

That's good to know as my kitchen doesn't have a grease trap... I will be more careful in the future with how much chocolate I wash down the drain!


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