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Hello every one. As I've mentioned a couple of times already I am helping my wife bring her chocolate bars to market. We are at the ultimate beginning stages of the project and kind of just feeling our way along.

She has her recipe down pat. She is working on the wrapper design. (don't know how important that is at this moment, but...). She also has a significant social media following who want everything that she puts out.

At this point, I'm not, exactly, sure how to proceed. I don't there's a need to patent the recipe, because some of the stuff she's doing is probably pretty obvious. I think I should be making initial contact with candy producers (we plan to outsource production--or, I think the term is "private label").

I'm just not sure, exactly. What would you guys suggest my first step be?

p.s. I will add photos of the bars when I'm not on my iPad.

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If you are going to outsource your product that would be what I would start looking into.  You can not patent a recipe to answer that question.  You would be signing an indepth contract with the producer of the product to make sure they will not use the recipe or give the recipe out for a number of years.  Make sure you have a good attorney to review the contract.  An attorney and a sales team is the best investment of your money if you are outsourcing.  Hope this helps some.

Ok, because I wanted to have a basic idea on the look and packaging. But I kind of figured as much.
Where do you think I should start on companies.


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