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I could be blind in my searches but I'm having trouble finding a bar mold that has a deep enough cavity for filling.  We make a fluffernutter style bar using Tomric's:

But it's to shallow and we end up having a lot of breakage.  I started hunting for candy bar mold, or nougat mould, and a couple other variants and can't seem to find anything either on Tomric or Chef Rubber's sites. A lot of noise out there in general search land.

I figure someone else might have a location to look but I'd like to revise this product with something a bit sturdier and deeper.

Thanks for time & considerations!

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Chocolat Chocolat has several deeper bar molds ranging from 5/8" to 3/4" to 1.5 " listed on their website ( I've had good luck with them.

All the best,


Hi Andy,

I use this bar mould from Bakedeco:

Hope this is helpful



Thanks for the additional sites to check in to. I find it odd there aren't that many deep bar (candy bar) molds out there. After measuring we need something at least 5/8"  (.625). The 3/8" just aren't cutting it for multilayered products that are thick.


Here's one from JKV that's 17mm thick (5/8" is around 16mm, I believe). 

...and some thicker ones in the 20+mm range.

JKV's US office is in Santa Cruse, CA.  They can give you a price in US$.

I've also been looking into thicker bars for filling and it seems like some of the thicker ones have more of a flat top, rather than deeply divided sections. I can't decide whether I think that's a good thing or not. It seems like a multi-layer filling might look cool and be easier to deposit without the divisions, but if the filling is rather soft, and you try to break the bar, things could get messy.

Best of luck,



Hi Andy

Hans Brunner make some nice molds, I found this one that looks slightly deeper than the one you are using.




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