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Hi all,

Before going into Fall season, I am looking to drop my chocolate costs. Would love to hear what you are paying per pound from who. I primarily use Callebaut but I think this conversation may interest others so please post if you are using other brands and their costs. Also, if anyone in the tri-state area(PA, NJ, NY) uses these specific chocolates and would be interested in combining orders to reduce cost...let me know!

My main chocolate is Dark 811NV-132 and Milk 823NV-595 or Fairtrade 823NV.


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I don't live in the US, so not sure about prices there - but, in my experience, Belcolade can be more reasonably priced than Callebaut, and is excellent quality as well. I know Jaques Torres uses Belcolade. 

Hello.  I've been using Callebaut 811NV for 2 years and the cheapest price I could find is from a company called Weaver Nut in Ephrata, PA (near Lancaster).  It was recommended to me by my Callebaut rep. In addition to their normal discount schedule, if you pick it up from their warehouse, they take off an additional 5%.  I don't use 823NV but they'll quote you a price if you ask.  If they don't stock an item they'll order it at no cost to you.  They also stock Peter's chocolate as well.  The contact person is Meng Yang.

Their website makes them look small but their facility is very large.  If you should find anywhere cheaper, can you post to this site.  I'm always looking to save whenever I can.


Callebaut Dark Couverture Block 56.8% Cacao 811NV-132

5/11 LB (you need to order in 55lb batches)

$ 200.07 (order total is under $300)

$ 181.88 (order total is $300 or more)

Weaver Nut Company

1925 West Main Street

Ephrata, PA 17522

Meng Yang |

I don't know if you have a restaurant depot over there, but my local one has 811nv in blocks for $158.43 for a 55# case. 


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