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So I'm planning on starting a business with specific emphasis on chocolate sculptures. Does anyone have any advice to share? I"m just a bit worried that the market won't bare such an idea and I can't seem to find enough information other then people who do it on the side or in addition to their other chocolate products.

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Hi Bethany.  I do not do any chocolate sculptures, but this sounds like an interesting business.  I would think of who your customer is.  I think this may be like an ice sculpting business.  You could definitely go to the wedding market, but what about partnering with event planners and going for some corporate clients as well.  Just some thoughts...

Warm regards.


Hi Jayne- The target market research was kind of an eye opener for me. I knew I could get in on the wedding market, and that I wanted to work with local corporations, party planners, bakers and such. I guess I'm having a hard time finding how I can market my products (small scale sculptures) to the same people who would perhaps be interested in a line of truffles or specialty bars. Maybe I'm worried about it too much!

Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Bethany,


I think you will do great!  I know someone in our area who does chocolate center pieces and does really well.  Think bat/bar mitzvahs, corporate clients, fundraising events / political fund raisers, weddings (all kinds).  Join NACE (National Association of Catering Executives)!  Where are you located?  Let us know how you fare!



Hi Stacy- I live in California and I'm currently doing all the paperwork and bits and pieces before I open the doors. I feel like partnering with the organizations you mentioned is the way forward and I'm looking into possible relationships of that type for sure. It's feels like I would need something else like a line of truffles just to keep the lights on, ya know?!

Thanks for your support!


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