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Starting to look for POS options for our upcoming chocolate shop.  I really hate most POS systems, they are not very flexible and look like they were made during the dark ages of computing.  I've had some brief recommendations to RPower and am investigating Lecere myself for using ipad's.  Do any of you have happy experiences with point-of-sales solutions?

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Have you or anyone else looked at this?  I am searching for a POS system currently too!  (Saw these people at the Philly Candy show a couple of years ago.  Haven't researched it yet.)  Any luck for you??

Another ChocolateLife member here is going to use them.  They felt as old school as the rest though when looking through their materials.  Not to mention their windows based which for my family would be a first in a long time.


We're also evaluating ShopKeep and PayGo SaaS (cloud solutions), Checkout, and POSIM EVO.


Still not found what feels right but we'll get there.  Even if I have to open with just an old school cash-register that might be the easiest starter solution until I can find something I want to invest and be happy with.

I'm a mac user as well.  Makes things like this tough.. Why is everything windows based???  I have been using a cash register since I opened 2 years ago....  It has done the job but I have no good way to keep a record of my sales so I want to make the switch really soon.  I'll look at the others you mentioned.  Thank you!

Ah yea, we've used Quickbooks for so long to keep us on track I expected we'd do an end-of-day or end-of-week breakdown and push it back into QB.  Probably still end up doing something similar no matter what POS we run with.


Let us know how your own search goes, as we find out more and find some happy medium we'll definitely report back.

Intuit does sell a Quickbooks POS system.
Quickbooks POS system is only PC based.  It will not work with Quickbooks for Mac computers.  :/
I used Paygo SAS and am overall satisfied with it. I do not sell by weight so we have individual item numbers and or scannable bar codes. I am also on MAC  and not really keen on going to any windows based system. If you have any specific questions about Paygo I might be able to answer them.
I need to get back to tinkering with POS systems and I've been looking at Paygo.  It seemed a little overly burdensome but maybe that's just my intro to them.  I can't find their costs anywhere, what ballpark are they running?

I think its about $40 month. Its actually pretty simple to use....magnetic strip for swiping cards... We occasionally have the problem that they update their system late at night but being 5-6 hours behind we are still open! Its not most peoples problem and only happened once or twice,

I think POSIM is interesting but its an outlay of several thousand dollars and not Mac based.

There is also Lightspeed for Mac but not inexpensive..

I just purchased the candypos911, but haven't received it.  I have spoken to another person who is using it in their shop, and they like it.  Will let you know what my experience is once I get it up and running.


first off - hello neighbor! i recently opened a wine/chocolate retail store & tasting room here in charlotte. i've been meaning to reach out to you and have just been overwhelmed w/ operational issues. as to a POS system, we are using lightspeed. i find it has its quirks, but i'd be more than willing to let you come take a look at it in action. my husband is the wine guy/finance guy, so he can speak more specifically about its ins/outs. i spend most of my time in the kitchen and don't use the POS system as often as he does.


our shop is "petit philippe" and we're in the new tranquil court development. i'd love to meet you in person (i've had your truffles at the farmers markets - the herbed ones are delightful, btw). give us a holler if you want to swing by. 704-332-9910. 



Hey Casey, I was at a meeting the other night at FABO and had intended to stay for a little while then come over but the night ran long and I never got over.  Glad to have you in the area, I'll definitely drop in soon.


Thanks also for the LightSpeed vote.  It's a pretty amazing system I just don't know if we want to afford it, and it probably works a lot better with your Wine list management.  Our friends over at Lark & Key use it as well and seems a good retail solution.  I'm almost at the point of just saying to hell with it, I'll use a cash register until I can really pinpoint how we want to solve for it.



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