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I've been on the lookout for a good mid-capacity (20-30kg) tempering machine.  While searching for them, I found some reasonably priced wheel-style tempering machines from which seems to be a sourcing site and most of them seemed to be made in China.  Does anybody have any experience with these machines?  Are the of comparable quality and design as their counterparts that they look exactly alike?

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Hey Preston,


I have also been curious about the machines from alibaba.  Please let me know if you purchase one and what your experience is with it.





It's also a question we've been asking ourselves. Having been fairly disappointed in the durability of a 'proper' tempering machine, we've been tempted to go low cost. A business trip to China could be the occasion to get a demo or visit a factory / showroom, just to make sure the money doesn't go down the drain...

Great idea...let me and everyone here at TCL know of your findings if/when you go!


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