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Hello all!

The short of it:

How long does it take you to temper your chocolate?

  • What kind of chocolate are you tempering?
  • What is your method of tempering?
  • What volume of chocolate are you tempering?
  • Are there any factors that speed up or slow down your tempering process?

The long of it:

I'm asking because I am writing a business plan and need to figure out the logistics of my propose operation. My thoughts are that I will buy a 40qt double boiler and be melting around 20 pounds of chocolate at a time. My only experience with tempering has been with amounts around 4 ounces and that took 20 minutes. I imagine that 20lbs takes much longer.

I plan on molding the chocolate and the kitchen I'd like to rent allows 4 hours per shift. I'm trying to get a grip on how much chocolate I can mold in that allotted time.

If you would kindly share your experience I would greatly appreciate it and I think it would help others who are looking to start up as well!

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I hate to burst your bubble, but it might be wise to actually work in a chocolate business and get some experience before going out on your own, or at least take some classes. A 40 qt double boiler would not be my method of choice. With a microwave, you can melt, temper and shell a good number of chocolates in 4 hours. Get your hands on some books and read up. Good luck.

Thank you for your advice Ruth. Perhaps my bubble needs to be burst!

I am tempering dark, nondairy chocolate. I use the Sinsation tempering machine that used to be owned by Chandre and is now owned by ChocoVision. The machine hold only about 1.5 lbs at a time. Since the machine is electronic, the tempering process occurs with the press of a button. The process of melting and tempering takes about 40-45 minutes. From start to finish, including setup and cleanup, I usually work for about 3 hours, 2 of those making chocolates. If you are molding chocolates, it depends on whether you are painting molds to accent details, or inserting centers, or doing anything to the confections besides simply filling molds. My past experience with tempering using a double boiler was definitely not as rewarding as using a tempering machine. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply Esther. In my case I would simply be filling molds to make solid chocolates. The Sinsation machine sounds wonderful but would be too slow for my ideal plan. Of course my plan may be based on unrealistic expectations which is why I'm asking for different experiences. Thank you for sharing yours!


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