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My company,, prints and sells chocolate transfer sheets.  We find that many people, especially those just starting out, have questions related to chocolate transfer sheets and their usage.   Well I  have some answers!  If anyone in the the chocolate life needs some help, I'm the gal to talk to.  We have been printing chocolate transfer sheets for over 10 years, but just started offering them on the web last year.  Our little company is growing quickly and so is our knowledge.

I would love to spread awareness about this exciting product!!  Transfer Sheets give you great branding power as they attract attention from buyers.  They also give the chocolatier a unique way to express themselves and their vision through fine chocolates.

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Hi Nicole,
I have some purchasing questions. Would you please call me on my cell: 415-342-0527.
Sacred Steve
Sacred Chocolate

Hi Nicole!

We've been ordering transfer sheets from you for years and we LOVE them! Prices are very reasonable with a great selection. Plus I have to say, you are always very helpful and willing to go out of your way help us. Customer service is outstanding!

Thank You!


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